Marjon Meyer is an Industrial Sociologist and a Human Resource Development Consultant.  She is an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic facilitator of various training programmes. She is in demand for training, strategic sessions, chairing conferences, consultation and implementation of Management and Leadership training, building strategies, coaching, development work and motivational talks. Marjón has extensive local and international experience in Facilitation, Programme Design, Skills Gap Analyses and Assessments.  She facilitates courses such as Management & Leadership, Human Resources Management, Confidence & Assertiveness, Project management, Business writing, Customer Service, Time management, Skills for PAs, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity management, Creative Problem Solving etc.

Marjón studied B Com Honours in Industrial Sociology (cum laude) as well as B Com Honours in Communication (cum laude).  Her university majors include Industrial Psychology, Industrial Sociology, Communication and Economics. Marjón worked in the corporate environment before successfully starting out on her own as a training specialist. She gained extensive experience working on projects in the Human Resource Development field as a Facilitator, Training Manager and Training Consultant.  She has management experience in the corporate environment which enables her to facilitate the building of leadership skills.  She received accreditation in 2017 in Dubai as the Master Trainer in South Africa for an entrepreneurial skills programme (Skills21) aimed at high school children.  She completed a post-graduate certificate in Narrative Therapy (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria in 2017 and is currently furthering her studies in Narrative Therapy.

Since becoming a consultant, she consistently develops training material and presents training courses and seminars for clients of training institutions and employees of blue chip corporate clients, government departments and to people from all walks of life.  She was also an external tutor and moderator in Labour Relations for UNISA.  Marjón is co-author of a book Managing Human Resource Development published by Lexis Nexis. She is a regular contributor to radio programmes, blogs and magazines in the Human Resource Development field. She is a member of the SA Business Association for Women and serves on the Board of the South African Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA).   She is also a Master OD Practitioner of the Chartered Institute of Professional Practitioners and Trainers (CIPPT). Marjon is a registered assessor and has received accreditation from the ETDP SETA and MERSETA.

Marjon travels extensively both domestically and abroad and uses every opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through effective networking. Marjon has many years’ experience presenting Management and Leadership workshops and her frequent travels in South Africa and internationally have given her a good understanding of the various world views, cultural etiquette and differences.  She recently was the key note speaker in Mozambique at the African Women Leaders’ conference as well as a speaker at the Southern African Telecommunications forum in Dar-es-Salaam.  In Kenya she worked with leaders from various cultures in Africa.  She has also been invited to present a paper at the Human Capital Summit Africa in Nigeria as a South-African representative.

Over the years Marjón has been giving professionals advice and tools on how to improve their skills and enhance their professionalism.  Marjon has been nominated by the Skills Portal as one of the top trainers in South Africa. She  is a guest lecturer at the University of Pretoria and the University of Johannesburg. She is an executive coach and is involved in corporate coaching to grow professionals to reach their true potential.

Marjon facilitates using the principles of cultural diversity, exploring and questioning stereotypes and then helps create conversations between people from different backgrounds.

Marjon has a therapy practice and helps people dealing with difficult situations and challenges by using the principles of Narrative therapy.

Marjón is an active outdoor enthusiast, believes in green living and loves spending time on trail runs, nature walks, bicycle tracks and exploring new adventures.  She is a book worm and enjoys theatre and music.  She has recently walked the Camino de Francés in Spain and is already looking forward to doing this again.

To connect with Marjon, phone her on +27 82 883 2425 or simply subscribe to her email list by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ link in the main menu above, or email her directly at marjon@marjonmeyer.co.za.


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